Try New Things

When we give ourselves permission, room, and trust to try new things, we give ourselves a life rich with memories and moments that are not easily forgotten. I have many friends who stick to what they know they like. It is too much of a risk to try something new on the menu, when you already know you will like the same one, two, or three different dishes. What if you did get something different and hated it!! That would just be a waste, right? WHAT IF, you actually did like it? Now you have a fourth dish to add to the list of plates you might order again.

We should be trying something new everyday – even if its just the free sample at Costco or Sam’s Cub! When we experience something new, we create a fresh, new memory that will imprint deeper in our minds than if its a repeated event or experience. Have you ever wondered where the day went or where the week went, or how the year went by so fast? It is because your life is on autopilot and repeat!! When you notice the most is if you have a new experience such as a new restaurant, a new place you visited, your first kiss, your first musical, etc.

The first time you experience something new, the more solidifying “it” becomes in my your memory. Therefore, if you want to have a day feel like a week, do all new things in a new place. This is the key to keeping life interesting and memorable. This is also why our childhood is so much more memorable than at other points of in our life. As children, so much of life is new, exciting, and sometimes frightening. Generally, we have others around us we can look to for support. We see Mom eating the weird green food on her plate, so we trust that it is also safe for us to try. We trust our parents to bring us to places where we will have fun such as the beach, a park, camping, etc. Each experience hits all our senses in ways we will then forever associate with that moment in time.

I don’t remember the first time I went to the beach because I grew up going to the ocean. As a junior high student, my parents bought my siblings and I a beach bus pass. The bus would come by twice a day in the morning and drop off twice a day in the afternoon a quarter block from my house. We rode that bus almost every summer day down to Zuma Beach, CA. The specifics of my summer teen beach days are all blurred together. I know I lived at the beach. I had the darkest tan of my life and was always sandy. Each day we would try and catch seagulls by burying a sibling under the sand and putting food on top of them until the bird came by to eat it. Once the bird started walking on your buried body, you would do a quick sit-up and try to catch the bird (it never actually happened – but it was fun trying). ¬†We also made “pee cups” all the time because the bathroom was too far away. It was easier to sit in the sand, and pee! I know its sounds gross, but it was so fun to dig out the peed on sand (which would be in a clump) and throw it at one of my brothers. My point is … those were great summers, but its all just one big blur. Had I done something different every few times I went to the beach (brought different things to eat or play with), went to different parts of the beach, took different people, etc then I would be able to better differentiate those summer days.

When you find yourself in a rut – TRY SOMETHING NEW . . . Anything new. The more willing you are to branch out, the more you will be able to Live Open to what this world has to offer you and then Value Everything you have experienced because it helped you grow, learn, and create a life full of distinct, enriching, diverse life experiences.



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