Life Purpose

We all have an inner voice that, if we let it, will guide us towards our life purpose. It is hard to hear at times, and even harder to hear if it was silenced as a child. Perhaps your parent(s) made most of your choices for you or told you things about yourself that were not true, and without knowing slowly silenced your higher self. Now that you are an adult, you wonder what the heck you are doing here and where you are going. You have unrealized or unanswered dreams. Thus, we settle for what is easy, or has always worked. We are afraid to branch out and do what our heart is yearning for and desires most.

Two thoughts when I think about listening to our life purpose; First, we must allow space for those dreams to manifest; Second, we must not shut down our own children’s voices, therefore perpetuating the cycle of unfulfilled desires.

When it comes to our own deep needs, dreams, hopes and desires, we can still find them and fulfill them, if we want to put the time into letting this voice find its place again in our lives. How do we go about doing this? Spend time in nature, meditation, prayer, or free writing (with your opposite hand as it triggers the side of your brain that is less frequently used) and see what comes up. ASK for help in knowing what it is that the Universe desires most for you in this life … and then … listen!! Pretend you have all the money you need, you have all the relationships you desire, you have all the possessions you want or need, you will not disappoint anyone, you are not too old to start something new, and you cannot make a wrong choice – what is left? What is it you see yourself DOING!? This is the answer.¬†You see, if you can find out what that is, you will find your eternal happiness, because in the end, its not about money or possessions, but rather what it is you are meant to do here, in this life!

Sometimes it means starting small. Sometimes we just need to take a step towards a direction, ANY direction. Once we start to move we allow for the universe to work in our favor. Day dreaming doesn’t produce. Do not let fear, or doubt or uncertainty keep you from trying new things. As we find things that do not fit, it narrows down the options and we will eventually find out what does fit. Your life purpose will not feel forced once you start to move in that direction – you will feel and find flow! Like the water in a slow moving stream, your dreams will start to manifest with experiences flowing around obstacles in your way.

Next, make sure you do not silence your child’s inner guidance system. I have several children and I see that each of them came with their own purpose. They desire different things in this life, have different temperaments, and preferences. They chose me to be their Mom and with that comes the responsibility to allow them to have the space they need to grow into the adults they were meant to be. It would be easy for me to sign them all up for soccer, because that is convenient or the activity I like to watch or play, but their life is not about me – it is about them!

Once I could really see them as unique individuals for which I was placed as their guardian for a short time, I am able to put my expectations, hopes, dreams, and desires for them on the side, I give them the chance to express their inner voice – to use it and exercise it in various life experiences. One child may have come here to learn hard lessons, another to lead, another to play. It is my job, as a parent, to observe, present options to nurture their innate talents, and love them through all their good and not so good choices.

I often thought it would be great to have a place I could bring them that would test each kiddo in all aspects of life and give me a road map of where they will be most successful. However, if I just listen to my inner voice, my higher self, and trust that I am their Mom for a reason, then I do not need an outside assessment. I can trust my instincts, while being open to their individual personalities, skills, and shortcomings. I will then know exactly how to help them be the best versions of themselves.

Above all, I need to live open to ANY and ALL possibilities¬†for myself and them. They too are not the identity I have placed on them. They are infinite beings, here to learn and grow through a series of successes and trials and each of them deserve all my love, uncountable hugs and encouragement. When I can truly value all they are and all they will be, regardless of what I want for them, then I allow them the space to fulfill their life’s mission.

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