We are attached to this thing called an identity. We believe we are what others say we are. We believe we are what we do or who we are in relation to others. We form our lives around this identity and that is how we present ourselves to the world. These identities are things that were placed or given to us by our parents perhaps – your name, your religion, your ethnicity, your hometown, your status. And, other times, we decide how we will be “known”. This is conscious and subconscious. We might choose to  be an athlete, a businessman, or teacher. We choose to be parents, or bosses or co-workers. We choose to be tied to others in relationships and then defined by those relationships. We choose our careers and then base our self-worth on those careers or status within families or communities.  We are the high school athlete, an addict, the drama kid, the CEO, the Mom, the Sister or Brother of ______., a (fill in your choice of religion), the waiter, the dreamer, the optimist, the hater, the lover, etc. We pick a long list of ways others can identify us so we can be unique,  special and important. We are humans and need to feel important, right? We desire to fit in, to belong, to be understood, to be loved and accepted. Thus, we wear various identities to fill these needs.

BUT… what happens, when that all changes? We lose our job, we lose a loved one, we get married or divorced, we adopt or leave a religion, we don’t make the team, we get sick, or any number of life experiences that have us start to question, who the heck am I now??!! What am I doing? Where am I going? Why is this happening? What and where now?

Lets explore what happens when you, me, them, us, “Lose Your Identity” and, at times are forced to, “see ourselves in a whole new way”. We might be surprised by who we really were meant to be all along. It is in our darkest times that we find the deepest truth because we are pushed out of our identity and into our purpose – that thing beyond the self and into a collective.

I believe we are powerful, imaginative, loving, creative, open, positive, individuals who are meant to experience all sorts of ups and downs. We are spiritual beings living in a 3D reality were we are not victims to our circumstances, but willing participants for the greater good of truly knowing ourselves and allowing the full range of emotions to flood our world for the betterment of our collective progression.

Our individual identities do matter, but only as far as we are willing to allow them to change and adapt or else we fall into a robotic, stagnate life. And if we are too stagnate, life has a way of waking us up – often times in a rather unpleasant way. However, without the pain, we would not know the joy. Without the “villians” we would not know the heroes. Without the darkness, the light would be expected and unappreciated. It takes all of us to see any of us. You see, in the end, we are all connected. I am you, you are me. When life takes us to the edge and we can see our own pain, joy, love, envy, hope, despair in others, we can truly be one — empathy. Our experiences will differ (and that is wonderful), but remember, we feel the same as others. We can know the full range of emotions and when we can dissociate our own feelings as “special” and can understand that betrayal is betrayal or hope is hope, regardless of the experience in how we got there, or the identity behind the person, we are all human beings, here to learn, grow and most importantly love and be loved.


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