Following Your Bliss

Today I visited with my Chiropractor. He is a very nice man with a gift of communication. He is well spoken, listens to the client and articulates back what he is hearing to make sure there is synchronisity in his treatment meeting my pain. He is well liked by his clients and takes the time to really get to know them. He seems like he loves his job and his life.

Looks can be deceiving. Now, it’s not that he is unhappy (I learned a lot today) – it’s that he wants to do something different in life and HAD no intention of ever doing it until I started diving into his life with 1,000 questions.

It began when I asked him about ObamaCare and if it hurt or helped his practice. He proceeded to inform me that in our state, Chiropractic was not covered under the state health plan. Therefore, it neither helped or hurt him professionally. He went on to say, it could have helped him (and thousands of others) had the plan covered at least a handful of Chiro visits a year, but I digress.

Dr. Mark continued to talk about how much time he spends on maintaining the business side of his practice. He is so bogged down with the day-to-day office side, that it has taken the joy out of the healing side, to some degree. I asked him if he could do it all again, knowing what he now knows about the challenges of processing insurance, managing an office, accounting, marketing, etc, would he choose this same profession over again. He said, “No. I would be a history teacher.”

Hold up, a chiropractor, who would rather be a teacher! That was so amazing and not what I thought he would have ever said. I asked him what was stopping him from going out and taking the steps now to one day sell his business and retire teaching! He proceeded to tell me all the reasons why it couldn’t work and I gave him all the reasons why it could and probably should.

When we are called to do something, and in that something, we find joy … then we are in our life’s purpose! This will in its very form bring us more joy, synchronisity, and flow to our life. When we are listening to our higher self, our own intuition, our HEART, then we are exactly where we are suppose to be.

We do not and cannot always make our careers our life purpose. Perhaps our life purpose is to learn and demonstrate kindness. There are several avenues in which we can meet this purpose. We could purse a job in the service industry or we could work any number of other jobs that are completely unrelated. Then, we might meet this purpose through our life’s everyday interactions, where we are given experiences to learn kindness and/or demonstrate kindness. Both of these scenarios fulfill our soul purpose, just through different means. One is no better or worse than the other.

Today, I was able to open up a Type A, doesn’t like change, pessimistic man and show him that it is possible to shift — to move from where we are towards what we really desire in our lives. I gave him tools and strategies that flowed through my mind like a ongoing running faucet. What he chooses to do with those ideas moving forward is up to him. I cannot do his work, but should he be willing to set fear aside for a few minutes and begin to google search his life, he will see he just got into the river with a sturdy craft and is making his way down stream.

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