Dreams Imitating Reality

Sometimes we just need a good walk and some fresh air. I woke up today thinking, “Oh my goodness . . . I have SO much I need to do and not enough time!!!” My heart started racing a little, my mind started to organize all the to do list items into categories, time frames, and possible outcomes for varying choices. I was so overwhelmed that I . . . took a nap – well after running a few errands first. I honestly thought, I just need to sleep on it.

Well, my dreams were bonkers and super vivid. I dreamt of being at a giant entertainment industry weekend casting call for any and all types of positions in the industry. It was at some hotel with a Costco down the street. Adam Sandler came over with only a towel on and I had to ask my boyfriend to give him a pair of shorts to wear because well . . . he needed them. They proceeded to hit it off and went up to the rooftop to hang out, talk and who knows but I was asked to bring them up food. The whole dream was about all the challenges I had in getting the food, remembering what food to get for who, carrying the food, and then to find Adam driving next to me on the freeway (after I stopped at Costco) and I literally had whoever was next to me pass the food to him, from my passenger window to him driving 60 MPH.

I woke up feeling really displaced and almost dizzy. I quickly got up, put on some workout clothes and went for a walk. I don’t have all the answers to my list of to do items, but at least I know “sleeping on it” just shows me more creative ways to say the same thing – I am feeling overwhelmed.

Our dreams are just an extension of us and if we look at them closely, we can learn from them. They show us our life, our heart, our mind, and our soul. Right now, my dream is telling me I just need to start small. I think a warm shower is in order 🙂

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