Through the summer of 2017, I will be offering free phone, skype, or in person life consulting for FREE! Shoot me an email and we can schedule a session. I can be reached at evanekovar (@) – title the email “Free Summer Consulting”. I will be accepting 10 clients (first come first serve). In return for my services, I would ask that you help me by providing candid feedback at the end of the 8-week session. Should you feel so inclined, a quote or short paragraph of your experience would be appreciated.

I have spent my life helping others through various avenues. I started and continue to run a health charity for children. I have a Masters in Leadership and Management. Most importantly, I know my gifts and talents. These gifts give me the ability to see roadblocks in your life. I can help you strategies through your current life situations by offering an array of ideas. Together, we will find or dive deeper into your life passion and purpose. You need to commit to doing “the work”, but I can help you clear the foggy window so you can see the options ahead.

I look forward to hearing from you!!