About Me

Soooo many different “identities” to write about, so you can better grasp who I am, and why I write the things I do. Here are a few:

I am a Mother, a Daughter, a Step-Daughter (several times over), a Sister, a former Step-Sister, a Half Sister, a current and former Sister-in-Law, an Ex-wife, a girlfriend, a friend, and an acquaintance.

According to StrengthsFinder, my strengths are as/in: Activator, Positivity, Ideation, Belief, and Strategic.

I have my high school diploma, a bachelor’s, and a masters degree.

I am so proud of my children and value their uniqueness.

I started a corporation when I was in college, for which I have received honors and awards over its 20 year run.

I have lived below the poverty level and I currently live in the “middle class”.

I have experienced PTSD and relentless verbal abuse from a spouse/ex-spouse.

I have friends that live in some of the most challenging communities in the United States, barely getting by. I have friends who are well known and millionaires.

I have a parent who has been incarcerated.

I ran a half marathon … once.

I have been on stage, television, radio, and in print media.

I am not a victim to any of my life experiences.

I believe in intelligent life on other planets and believe we will see/interact with “ET’s” in our lifetime.

I was baptized once as a child, and twice while I was in college. I have studied so many different religions, and practiced in several throughout my life. Today, I believe/know there is truth in each of them.

I may or may not have been sexually abused when I was very young – my memory is terrible, but I know boundaries were definitely crossed.

I spend most of my time with my kids, my sisters, my friends, my dogs, and my boyfriend.

I am really over-the-top when it comes to Christmas.

I have seen and experienced the impact of several mental and physical diseases and other life challenges on those I love including; HIV/AIDS, Cancer, MS, Sex Addiction, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Narcissism, Autism, Dyslexia, Cystic Fibrosis, Homelessness, Depression and Anxiety.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE snuggling with my kiddos!!

I have several family and friends who would identify themselves as LGBTQ, including a son and sister.

I believe we are infinite beings and this life is just one of many.

I am not a huge fan of the news, particularly because it is so negative and manipulating.

I don’t curse.

I am addicted to sugar – working on weaning myself off : /

I am growing to love pets more and more each day – I have two dogs and appreciate their souls the more time I spend with them.

I find great joy in helping others.

I have had one miscarriage.

I LoooVe watching Gaia TV.

I am worthy. I am strong. I am whole. I am exactly where I am suppose to be. I am love. I am doing my best. I am happy.

I live open to any and every possibility. I find value in each experience. I find value in each person.