Therapied Myself

Today I had a moment where I started to notice my feelings were taking over and F.E.A.R started to creep in. I quickly had to figure out what I needed to do so I did not end up stuck, in a fight, or just even upset. I started to put myself in the hot seat and allowed my “Captain” or in other words the smarter, wiser, calmer, rational side of me to sit in the therapist’s chair. I put myself in a quick five-minute self-therapy session.

Jealousy started to creep in and I needed it to not have that much control. My captain started asking the me in the chair how I was feeling, why, where did that come from, is there truth in what I am assuming or letting play out causing me to be jealous, what am I afraid of, etc. I just kept asking myself living in FEAR the calm, rational questions and slowly I found myself seeing it for what it was and I did not let it take over. I came to the conclusion that no matter what happens, it is going to be what it is going to be, and whatever that looks like I will handle with neutrality and LOVE.

My acronym for FEAR is Focusing Energy (on) Alternate Realities. And this is what I was letting happen. I was allowing FEAR room to move and spread. I was telling myself story after story about what was “really happening” or what “could happen” – While NONE of it was true! This was not where I wanted to live or spend my energy. When we allow FEAR the space to exist, while not letting it off the leash, we stay in control and allow LOVE to remain the driver in our lives.

There are various tools you can use to keep FEAR from getting the best of you and robbing you of your life purpose and subsequent joy. Self-therapy is just one way of looking at FEAR for what it really is knowing that you have all the tools inside of you to reach your potential.

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