Our River

It’s the 4th of July and this is the second (maybe third :/ ) year that I have not been with my kiddos. The last two years it has fallen on “his day”, and I just let him have them because I know holidays are hard for him ( ummm, because he tells me every single holiday in at least one text to remind me of “how hard holidays are”…but I digress). They are hard, with or without the kids, because he doesn’t have his “Whole Family”. To him, this would include me. I believe deep down that we have completed our main “contracts” in this life. We have entered into some new ones now; how to co-parent from a place we have never been.

Life is a river, flowing heavy at times, down to a drought at others. We may be paddling upstream at times, going against flow. We could be wading in a more open flat, slow flow where you can take in the scenery and just be. We may be in a state of total flow, going downstream slowly and then picking up pace as we get closer and closer to our life purpose. This, all of this, is life. We don’t get to always pick how the water is flowing, but how we act when the water is the way it is. Do we fight against it? Do we let it take us down and trust its rate of flow? Do we stop to breathe and take in life when we do get our “pauses”?

I may not be with my amazing, sweet, unique, spectacular, sometimes really difficult, six kiddos today, but this is where I am at in my river of life … and that is okay. I need to take in what is around me, what I do have to be grateful for, and count my blessings, because I know there are still many!

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