Logic in Life

Inspired by a 20-something-year-old rapper/teacher/leader…he will inspire you too!

When I am in my boyfriends truck, he often puts on rappers that I do not know. He sings/raps along and it really amazes me because my brain doesn’t process that kind of music fast enough to “sing along”. Last week, I was trying to really listen to the lyrics and step away from the beat. He was playing a young artist who goes by the name Logic. He has mentioned Logic to me many times, but for some reason, this time I stopped and listened. I was blown away by the messages of love, peace, hope, acceptance, life purpose fulfillment, and knowledge of the way things work/are. From there I thought, “I need to know more about this guy.”

When I got home, I started doing some research into this artist. What is his story? Is he just selling a message or is he living the message he shares? What is “his story”? What is his “identity” and what beliefs has he attach to himself in this regard? There is no question that he can write and rap music … but who is the man behind the lyrics and beat?

Here is what I discovered after watching several hours of him on YouTube (interviews and his documentary):

Logic is a humble, smart man who to many is a guru, teacher, philosopher, and example that when we are in alignment with our life purpose, we are happy and full in this human experience. He has one track on his album “Everybody” called “Waiting Room” – see below. If his message is meant to resonate with you, it will as it did me! For a long time, I did not know there were too many others who thought this way (like me). I believe Logic has stepped back and can see life from a much broader perspective. I am reminded of a quote from Buddha, “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” Logic sees through the same clear window as Buddha and many other inspired spiritual leaders.

His life circumstances growing up were super challenging. He is a bi-racial man who was surrounded by addictions and violence growing up (just as he had planned prior to this life). He uses his human experiences to connect his message of struggle and love.  He is a great example of a man who is living open and values everything (L.O.V.E). His message fills a need in the music industry. His music transcends our form, background, and life circumstances. This one (Take it Back) is one of my favs because it not only has a great melody that gets stuck in my head, but his message is profound. #LoveLogic

Watch how he has impacted others here:

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