Following Your Bliss

Today I visited with my Chiropractor. He is a very nice man with a gift of communication. He is well spoken, listens to the client and articulates back what he is hearing to make sure there is synchronisity in his treatment meeting my pain. He is well liked by his clients and takes the time to really get to know them. He seems like he loves his job and his life.

Looks can be deceiving. Now, it’s not that he is unhappy (I learned a lot today) – it’s that he wants to do something different in life and HAD no intention of ever doing it until I started diving into his life with 1,000 questions.

It began when I asked him about ObamaCare and if it hurt or helped his practice. He proceeded to inform me that in our state, Chiropractic was not covered under the state health plan. Therefore, it neither helped or hurt him professionally. He went on to say, it could have helped him (and thousands of others) had the plan covered at least a handful of Chiro visits a year, but I digress.

Dr. Mark continued to talk about how much time he spends on maintaining the business side of his practice. He is so bogged down with the day-to-day office side, that it has taken the joy out of the healing side, to some degree. I asked him if he could do it all again, knowing what he now knows about the challenges of processing insurance, managing an office, accounting, marketing, etc, would he choose this same profession over again. He said, “No. I would be a history teacher.”

Hold up, a chiropractor, who would rather be a teacher! That was so amazing and not what I thought he would have ever said. I asked him what was stopping him from going out and taking the steps now to one day sell his business and retire teaching! He proceeded to tell me all the reasons why it couldn’t work and I gave him all the reasons why it could and probably should.

When we are called to do something, and in that something, we find joy … then we are in our life’s purpose! This will in its very form bring us more joy, synchronisity, and flow to our life. When we are listening to our higher self, our own intuition, our HEART, then we are exactly where we are suppose to be.

We do not and cannot always make our careers our life purpose. Perhaps our life purpose is to learn and demonstrate kindness. There are several avenues in which we can meet this purpose. We could purse a job in the service industry or we could work any number of other jobs that are completely unrelated. Then, we might meet this purpose through our life’s everyday interactions, where we are given experiences to learn kindness and/or demonstrate kindness. Both of these scenarios fulfill our soul purpose, just through different means. One is no better or worse than the other.

Today, I was able to open up a Type A, doesn’t like change, pessimistic man and show him that it is possible to shift — to move from where we are towards what we really desire in our lives. I gave him tools and strategies that flowed through my mind like a ongoing running faucet. What he chooses to do with those ideas moving forward is up to him. I cannot do his work, but should he be willing to set fear aside for a few minutes and begin to google search his life, he will see he just got into the river with a sturdy craft and is making his way down stream.

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Let your record skip

Our life can be compared to a record album with various tones, tempos, themes, and melodies. Each song represents a phase in our life. We often repeat the same kind of song (aka experiences) with slight variations – sometimes an artists sound/songs sound very similar. We can see this most apparent in relationships where the same problems arises even with completely different people, and in different aspects of life (work, home, friends, etc.)

However, sometimes we hit milestones and our song changes. We learn to adjust to the change and find our flow again. We may then move, as though sleep walking, through that song (or section of our life). It is not good or bad, it just is what it is and its fine. There are good days, busy days, off days, sick days and there are struggles, but mostly we simply move through the life a verse at a time.

But what happens when our record player gets bumped, maybe on accident (the illness or death of a loved one), or on purpose (marital affairs, addictions, etc), and now our song (the one playing – this phase of our life) has a skip! First thing first, we need to forgive the person who caused the skip in our song! In reality, they were just helping us to wake up to what is real and see we have been playing the same song over and over again.

So, what the heck is a skip? Well the skip is perhaps the most important event that can happen in your life…

Skips force us to wake up out of the zone and systematic way of living. We are challenged in new ways that we are unprepared for.  To acknowledge the skip lets us see that our life was a song on repeat, and there is a WHOLE other reality out there just waiting for us to remember (heck we wrote this album before we came here – to this human experience), so lets see it, and bond with it. This shift can be the most positive force for good!

Lets be honest, often the skips in our life suck, they hurt, they dig deep, and can tare us apart. They play over and over and we feel stuck on one glitch in our life that we are unsure how to get past!! We may have to move, get divorced, accept the death of a loved one, change jobs, or struggle through an illness – basically it is starting over in one or many aspects of your life.

However, lets find the good in the skip so we can move past it. It is within these moments, where we are forced to do something different and GROW as a human being. We need to be open to new songs, different songs, collaborating with other artists or genres for our album of life. When we can accept our imperfection, big mistakes, life “take backs”, or what others may have put upon us without invitation, we really learn what life is about. Incredible growth comes through incredible pain…it is then that we can unite as one in empathy, forgiveness and love.

Goldfish do not know what water is, do they?

When fish are born, they only know water. It is all around them all the time. They may have a few experiences of being taken out of water during the course of their life.  Without this horrifying experience of not being able to breathe out of the water, fish would be complacent to their environment. Are we complacent to our environments?

I was a fish and swam around doing whatever until I was taken out of the water. It was during this time, my darkest deepest moments in life, where I could not even find my own breathe that I grew and learned life is not just about water — which I never knew even existed because it was just always there … until it wasn’t. Gasping for … water … and only getting this cold, dry, dense air, which was extremely painful, that I knew this was a hard space to be in. What had I done to deserve this pain?? I was just swimming along minding my own business and then SWOOP, I was dragged here – in terrible agony – to a new reality.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I had just been adopted to live in Jenny’s room where she will will love and care for me until the day I die. My ride to her house was even scary – not knowing where I am or where I am going in life. Then all of the sudden, I am literally put into a new, neutral, bigger space with neat looking trees, a little colorful house, regular meals I don’t have to fight for anymore – this is really heaven on earth. And it was all mine – a home, a place where I knew that everything here was safe. I now know that going around thinking this is it, was worse than where I am now, and even though I had to have a very shocking and horrifying life experience to get here, I am better off for it – there is a purpose to all things in life!

So, it’s okay when our record skips or we can’t breathe through one of life’s hardest moments. Take it in with love and acceptance knowing it was always needed for you to continue to progress in this life. Be grateful, forgive, love all, live open to new songs and new environments. Our record will continue to skip, maybe faster or slower than the person next to us, but it is for the growth of our collective consciousness. Lets take time to listen to others people’s songs and we can learn to see we are just like them – pain is pain just as love is love, regardless of how it came to us.

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