A New Way To See L.O.V.E

What if we all leaned into the people, places, cultures, and experiences that we understood the least? AND, what if we had the permission and space to be able to speak our heart openly so as to better understand, empathize, and most importantly – SEE!

It is within this space that stories of human connection are forged and strengthened. It is under these sets of circumstances when we see past the gender, color, background, religion, creed, belief. When we strip away that which we hold onto so strongly, so tightly, so closely because we need an identity to live, to breathe . . . or so we think.

When I hear of the South Korean female, documentary film maker, turn prisoner in a North Korean camp Live Open to her captives lives, dreams, passions, interests, families, friends, experiences of joy, love, loss, gratitude, conditioning, and identity driven life; she relates. When she was finally released, she remembered that she learned North Korean women are women – just like her. She was told growing up to hate and to stigmatize. When she let down this wall, and looked into their souls, she saw her own.

Another example was of a South African man who admittedly was a racist. He wanted to get past this conditioning and fear, so he moved into a culture and community, where he was the only white person for 10 miles. AND, when he got there was questioned about his motives, he spoke his truth about wanting to rid himself of this belief he has heavily carried since he was 10-years-old. Magic happened for both these individuals and not only did magic happen for them, but the transference of this magic was spread to anyone who has since been a part of the experience, be it in person or even just by reading about it here for the first time. We see a magical moment and we feel something happy inside. It is that feeling we need to chance. That inquisitive, curious, let me figure out why I have this belief, let me challenge it and see what I learn. Maybe it stays or maybe it goes, but I am going to Live Open to all possibilities along the way and Value Everything that comes in through this “challenge a belief experiment”.

In both these examples, they can see themselves in the feelings and choices of the other – a transfer of “I get you. I can see you. I empathize with you. I can begin to understand why you think the way you think.” It is this transfer of acknowledgement. To see that I could have just as easily been you and walked your steps and been sitting in that chair, right now, on the other side of this prison wall. In the end we are all connected in consciousness through an energy that is so much greater than any one person.

Can we say it’s okay to not know something until you know it? Can we leave room for judgments until their roots are understood, valued and slowly shown a new way? Can we create a new way?

Let us be the light to a new way. As we begin to conquer our own FEARS, prejudices, beliefs, identities, we give others permission to do the same.

When we can see people as people and peel away the labels, identities, structure, and expectations; Then we will be free.

When we can Live Open to others for who they are, what they might be able to bring into your life, and what you might be able to contribute to theirs, then we will live in peace.

It is then, we will be able to Value Everything – every person, every experience, every choice, every feeling, thought, emotion, motion. We will be able to see “it” from both the yin and the yang, regardless of which set of glasses we have on, which side of the border we live on, which faith we were brought up in, which belief we adopted along the way, or which values we live from.

When a majority of us can Live Open and Value Everything, then we have mastered LOVE. From here, our example will be undeniable, and therefore will wash over the universe with light.

Be Courageous, Lean in, Live Open, Get To Know, and Find Value in that which scares you the most!


2am Thoughts Typed on My Phone

We are a collection of human experiences with an identity, which gives us security. These experiences are neither good nor bad, they just are. Our identity wants and needs to label these experiences and those of others. We find likeminded bodies to help us support our current belief system and place a label or judgement on those outside our safety net of beliefs.

We are here to learn and grow – to bring our collection of experiences back to our real home (the existence after this life) and share those with everyone else. It is our “job” to honor our SELF – to Seek Evolution through Life Fulfillments/Forgiveness. There is value in each interaction regardless of how it plays out.

I used to believe it was “bad” to ask questions which might lead to a different truth than that which we have been living. For example, my kiddos Dad would often say to me during our separation/divorce process, “You believe what you want to fit your lifestyle at the present time and to justify stepping away from one faith to another…” –And I can’t say I didn’t think he was right in some ways. BUT THEN, it hit me and I said, “So What?! and Yup!” and I felt GREAT!

Once we start to question all we hear, have been told, or just always have believed, the universe will not deny us the growth we seek. After all the conditions surrounding our push for growth was in part due to events out of my control at first. Therefore, be prepared to be pushed to a new place that might feel very different, confusing, strange, uncomfortable, or even scary. This is FEAR showing up, but not a bad version of FEAR…it’s one we can embrace and show gratitude for as it helps us to be better in the end. When we can let go of what is no longer serving us, we make room for what can! This is not to deny our past, place blame, or play the victim because our past was exactly what, where, and with whom we needed to be also. Lets utilize FEAR not from a place of Focusing Energy on Alternate Realities, but one of Focusing Energy on Actual Reality.

As we seek out answers that bring peace to our hearts and minds, even if those new discoveries go against so many of those in our current circles, our soul is pleading for us to be courageous and stand in that truth. The energy around each and everyone of us is buzzing with gratitude when we shed the identity we hold so tightly. We are so much more than a body with emotions that life happens to by chance. When we can see our SELF (and others SELF) as a spiritual energetic being, Seeking Evolution through various stages of Life Fulfillments and more importantly through Forgiveness, then we live a rich and full life.

All our experiences give back to the collective consciousness. There is no need to be envious of others talents or life because one day, you will experience all they were able to experience, and they too will be able to do the same with you. I am you and you are me. Perhaps that is hard to grasp right now (although empathy gets us pretty close), and I might be wrong, but what a fun way to go through life. I can honor my talents and gifts and allow others to do the same without judgement, jealousy, fear, or hesitation because ultimately it’s just denying oneself.

When we stand in our truth, we step into flow.  I cannot deny the millions of perfectly timed human experiences that ultimately have brought me to this exact moment. Some call it coincidence, I call it synchronicity or the universe giving me signs that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. My inner captain or intuition is strong and getting stronger as I listen and do. This is a repeated process over and over again; listen and do what she says, as this is her workout. My intuition is the sunlight to each new day. Don’t give the inner critic time to smash the voice of your inner wisdom.

Many times in my life, I have been in deep flow, where everything just miraculously works out and I hardly had to even ask! However, after my separation, it was all I could do to just find the flow in the daily tasks, much less my career, life choices, relationships, etc. I kept hearing, just take care of yourself. I could not find a handbook on how to do this and that was super frustrating. My inner critic was winning and I saw myself as losing this game of life. Little did I know, that whole experience was setting me up for all this 🙂 I was not going to move on my own, so the universe gave me a big nudge in the way of a personal life crisis and a work crisis all in one summer.

Over the course of the last two years, I have been drawn towards the idea of finding flow as I had once experienced it so effortlessly – I took it for granted. I want flow in my life and I want more than anything to help others find that flow. If 51% of this worlds population was in flow, we would still have human life problems, but we would have the tools to get through them with a bit of grace, dignity and more importantly support!

I have learned to notice those who are now or have been in flow with their own life purpose. Once in flow, we can let go of the tightly gripped wheel and simply ask from our hearts desires. Our deepest desires, when moving towards them will feel like we are on the right path and events will unfold in ways you could never have planned. These desires are part of our DNA and will serve our life’s mission. We do not need to worry about the material things in this life because as we follow our flow, our desires (and if material things are one of yours) will naturally be a bi-product of you following your heart.  I have experienced this over and over again in my life. I can see flow clearly now and I strive to maintain it, while helping others with their “ColorFlow Life”. Through my strengths, I have the ability to help others find their flow, and in turn honor their life purpose. Helping others in this way is what fills my cup with gratitude, happiness and LOVE! So, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you find value here.

Each day I live open to my life purpose and the purpose of every scrap of energy around me. I do my best to not worry about how I am going to get from here to there (or what is even out there), because ultimately there is no there. It’s just a here, right now, and living each day this way is freeing and manageable. Being is simply doing with purpose and in being true to myself, I am living a wholehearted existence.

Life is a rather simple game.  Can you live open to an idea that came to me?  What if, we are here to learn, to love everybody and everything in a greater capacity, with each day we are given? That’s it – Just LOVE! Be open to other people’s beliefs, choices, experiences,  thoughts, hearts, etc. we don’t need to agree, but when we can be open, lean into understanding, to empathy, and most importantly can find value in all things, especially the moments that move 180 degrees in the opposite direction of our comfort zone – that is LOVE.

We ALL have value. We all have a unique skill-set couched in our own personal collection of human experiences. There is nobody now, or ever who will have our exact collection of DNA, life experiences, talents and gifts, and make the same choices. Much like a finger print, we are all unique. As we continue to do what makes our hearts sing, we give permission for others to do the same. We show them it’s possible to have a purpose driven life that nourishes our souls. We are not here by accident. This life is not a coincidence. Each and every interaction has meaning and purpose.

I see and now look for the synchronicities in my life. The web states, “Synchronicity (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.”

When I let go of how things need to happen and like Dorothy on the yellow brick road, I follow my path with an open heart and an open mind at all times. I have no clue what characters will pop up to help along the way, or popup, and/or try to hold me back – either way, it doesn’t matter because I know I will find value in it. I know that I create my own reality. True, everything I “know” might be “wrong” and a new truth could show up to compliment and shift my direction at any moment. Call me a flip-flopper, if you like, but we don’t know what we don’t know until we know it. Therefore, how can we really make a sound choice when we do not have all the cards? We do the best we can, with what we know at the time the choice is made. I choose to believe we are all doing our best.

It’s my “job” to be me so that the universe can help me be in my flow and trust the current of water under me to keep me moving towards evolution. We must not let FEAR keep us out of the river, stuck on shore, dreaming of what might happen if we get back in. We should not get in the river and paddle upstream, thus fighting the way our life wants to unfold. When we Focus Energy on Alternate Realities it keeps us frozen, unable to move with the current towards our pure joy and fulfillment. If we can see FEAR for what it is, acknowledged it and if need be, play out the FEAR in our minds eye until it disseminates, so be it. However, don’t get stuck on the shore or struggle too long going in the opposite direction of the water. This keeps us in the alternate realities, and they do not exist.

Ask yourself if you had all the money you ever needed or wanted, where do you live? What are you doing? Who is with you? Now, go and do it! AND, if you find yourself stuck along the way, feel free to reach out. By asking for inspirational ideas from me, others, or the universe, you honor all our gifts. Specifically for me,  I enjoy being an “idea generator” of possible solutions to your “I can’t _______”.  I can help ignite  your flow by generating positive ideas of why you can, how you can, and why you need to! I cannot do the work for you, but if you are in alignment, flow will come over you when FEAR is broken down, you step into LOVE and allow SELF to do what it came here to do!


Therapied Myself

Today I had a moment where I started to notice my feelings were taking over and F.E.A.R started to creep in. I quickly had to figure out what I needed to do so I did not end up stuck, in a fight, or just even upset. I started to put myself in the hot seat and allowed my “Captain” or in other words the smarter, wiser, calmer, rational side of me to sit in the therapist’s chair. I put myself in a quick five-minute self-therapy session.

Jealousy started to creep in and I needed it to not have that much control. My captain started asking the me in the chair how I was feeling, why, where did that come from, is there truth in what I am assuming or letting play out causing me to be jealous, what am I afraid of, etc. I just kept asking myself living in FEAR the calm, rational questions and slowly I found myself seeing it for what it was and I did not let it take over. I came to the conclusion that no matter what happens, it is going to be what it is going to be, and whatever that looks like I will handle with neutrality and LOVE.

My acronym for FEAR is Focusing Energy (on) Alternate Realities. And this is what I was letting happen. I was allowing FEAR room to move and spread. I was telling myself story after story about what was “really happening” or what “could happen” – While NONE of it was true! This was not where I wanted to live or spend my energy. When we allow FEAR the space to exist, while not letting it off the leash, we stay in control and allow LOVE to remain the driver in our lives.

There are various tools you can use to keep FEAR from getting the best of you and robbing you of your life purpose and subsequent joy. Self-therapy is just one way of looking at FEAR for what it really is knowing that you have all the tools inside of you to reach your potential.

Our River

It’s the 4th of July and this is the second (maybe third :/ ) year that I have not been with my kiddos. The last two years it has fallen on “his day”, and I just let him have them because I know holidays are hard for him ( ummm, because he tells me every single holiday in at least one text to remind me of “how hard holidays are”…but I digress). They are hard, with or without the kids, because he doesn’t have his “Whole Family”. To him, this would include me. I believe deep down that we have completed our main “contracts” in this life. We have entered into some new ones now; how to co-parent from a place we have never been.

Life is a river, flowing heavy at times, down to a drought at others. We may be paddling upstream at times, going against flow. We could be wading in a more open flat, slow flow where you can take in the scenery and just be. We may be in a state of total flow, going downstream slowly and then picking up pace as we get closer and closer to our life purpose. This, all of this, is life. We don’t get to always pick how the water is flowing, but how we act when the water is the way it is. Do we fight against it? Do we let it take us down and trust its rate of flow? Do we stop to breathe and take in life when we do get our “pauses”?

I may not be with my amazing, sweet, unique, spectacular, sometimes really difficult, six kiddos today, but this is where I am at in my river of life … and that is okay. I need to take in what is around me, what I do have to be grateful for, and count my blessings, because I know there are still many!

Connecting through Social Media

As I sit in the Oasis Chill Lounge, in an Adirondack chair typing this post, you might think I am on a beach in a tropical location enjoying a pina colada, the sound of waves, the feeling of the warm sun above me, and sand below me. Instead, I am drinking a Diet Coke, with the sounds of screaming young girls in every direction, announcers on mics, and various music playing to my left and right. While it’s 80 degrees outside, inside it’s more like 69 inside, and below my feet is a green rug imitating grass.

I am at VidCon 2017 in Anaheim, CA. This huge convention center transforms into an dream land for all people who love the connections that are made online through the various media formats. YouTube stars host meet and greets and live stage Q and A’s. Instagram has a large set-up where pics can be taken on plastic white donuts hanging from their booth. Taco Bell is testing the Fantasy Freeze drink, which picks up on the Unicorn/Magical craz happening these days. The Genius Kitchen lets visitors decorate their own donuts. Everybody has about five popsockets (free at most booth carrying the branding of various sponsors). And, YouTube stars are selling their products from make-up, to jewelry, to shirts and books. Lines wrap around each booth and over three days, its not hard to fill one of many free bags, with free merchandise! Who would have known that YouTube was going to turn into a marketing giant platform for so many?

This is my second VidCon. I came with my then 12-year-old son and one of his best friends last year as well. They LIVE and LOVE the online world – maybe more so than what had been the rage of Hollywood and its celebrities, when I was a teen. The various online media platforms allow for anybody to be a “star” even if it is just within their own school or community. The other day, some guy dressed up as a shark on a skateboard was all the rage online in my hometown.

I can honestly say that one of the key components in my son feeling okay to come out as gay at 11-years-old was due to his idol, Joey Graceffa. This young man created his own channel and by simply being himself, sharing his life openly with his audience and later writing a book about his journey (he too is gay), this gave my son the strength to be himself. Not only did it make it “okay” to be gay, but it gave his friends the permission to love him regardless of his orientation.

This year, I noticed so many young people walking around with “Free Hug” signs with the hope to further connect to their peers. The range of people here is vast. Old, young, trendy, cozy, every color hair, style and person is here. The online world does not discriminate. This group of people might be the cutting edge of what we all desire in life; to be authentic, to be connected to others, and to have a voice (if one so chooses). The online world is not ruled by producers, directors, writers, crews teams, and actors. Here you can learn to be all those things for yourself if you want to create content and put it out there for the world to see. I believe this is why this world has become so popular. People get to be who and what they want and the audience is the judge of popularity. Being popular online could mean 1000 instagram followers for someone, or a comment of “You look great!”. Youth find validation in their online community. It is their truth and who are we to deny them that?

There has been much written about how with social media and texting/direct messaging, there is a disconnect with youth and those who learn to communicate through these means. I would argue this community is more connected to other people than we ever have been. My kids have great friends who live across the country. They get to see diversity in all its colors. The online community has embraced all those who may have been deamed “unpopular” – those with mental health challenges, the LGBTQIA+ community, those with various talents and skills. Yes, even those who love video gaming have found a place to really belong and join in a community of their own – no longer “alone” gaming in their rooms. Now millions watch people game online. The internet connects us to people now more than we ever have before.

Some will say the internet and its ability to reach everyone and anyone anywhere at anytime is a horrible thing. I like to look at the positives. I can see the yin and yang of it all. I focus on the positives. I see the internet and its reach as societies inability to confine thinking. Access to people, talks, videos, opinions, and the link open us up to live a more free life. As I say to many, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” — Thus, information is finally free!! We can look up and research the heck out of anything and more and more information, opinions, thoughts, videos, comments, blogs, vlogs, posts, etc. allow us to think freely.  We can more clearly tap into who we are and who we are meant to be from the other people’s truths.

I believe we are here to form connections, to see ourselves in others, to love and accept those that are different than us and to better understand the human nature. The internet provides us with a look at humanity from so many angels. Almost anything is “Googleable”. I learned to fix the headlights of my Prius on my own by watching a YouTube video. My friend completely repaired her own dryer through an online video. We are in an age where we can stay connected to family and friends by the click of an app. We receive news in real-time. We can learn about someone we are may work with, date, or just find interesting in the matter of minutes.

While I was going through difficult times in my life, I found inspiration through online videos of talks from various authors, inspirational speakers, and educators. I learned that I was not alone in my stuggles. There are groups on Facebook for just anyone looking for human connections around a current life struggle. We do not need to look far for human connection online. While it may not be a hug, or face-to-face interaction, there is healing to be found by the words of those who are brave enough to post. And, should you have the opportunity to visit VidCon, you will meet so many people who just want to connect and perhaps a free hug or two!

Try New Things

When we give ourselves permission, room, and trust to try new things, we give ourselves a life rich with memories and moments that are not easily forgotten. I have many friends who stick to what they know they like. It is too much of a risk to try something new on the menu, when you already know you will like the same one, two, or three different dishes. What if you did get something different and hated it!! That would just be a waste, right? WHAT IF, you actually did like it? Now you have a fourth dish to add to the list of plates you might order again.

We should be trying something new everyday – even if its just the free sample at Costco or Sam’s Cub! When we experience something new, we create a fresh, new memory that will imprint deeper in our minds than if its a repeated event or experience. Have you ever wondered where the day went or where the week went, or how the year went by so fast? It is because your life is on autopilot and repeat!! When you notice the most is if you have a new experience such as a new restaurant, a new place you visited, your first kiss, your first musical, etc.

The first time you experience something new, the more solidifying “it” becomes in my your memory. Therefore, if you want to have a day feel like a week, do all new things in a new place. This is the key to keeping life interesting and memorable. This is also why our childhood is so much more memorable than at other points of in our life. As children, so much of life is new, exciting, and sometimes frightening. Generally, we have others around us we can look to for support. We see Mom eating the weird green food on her plate, so we trust that it is also safe for us to try. We trust our parents to bring us to places where we will have fun such as the beach, a park, camping, etc. Each experience hits all our senses in ways we will then forever associate with that moment in time.

I don’t remember the first time I went to the beach because I grew up going to the ocean. As a junior high student, my parents bought my siblings and I a beach bus pass. The bus would come by twice a day in the morning and drop off twice a day in the afternoon a quarter block from my house. We rode that bus almost every summer day down to Zuma Beach, CA. The specifics of my summer teen beach days are all blurred together. I know I lived at the beach. I had the darkest tan of my life and was always sandy. Each day we would try and catch seagulls by burying a sibling under the sand and putting food on top of them until the bird came by to eat it. Once the bird started walking on your buried body, you would do a quick sit-up and try to catch the bird (it never actually happened – but it was fun trying).  We also made “pee cups” all the time because the bathroom was too far away. It was easier to sit in the sand, and pee! I know its sounds gross, but it was so fun to dig out the peed on sand (which would be in a clump) and throw it at one of my brothers. My point is … those were great summers, but its all just one big blur. Had I done something different every few times I went to the beach (brought different things to eat or play with), went to different parts of the beach, took different people, etc then I would be able to better differentiate those summer days.

When you find yourself in a rut – TRY SOMETHING NEW . . . Anything new. The more willing you are to branch out, the more you will be able to Live Open to what this world has to offer you and then Value Everything you have experienced because it helped you grow, learn, and create a life full of distinct, enriching, diverse life experiences.



Logic in Life

Inspired by a 20-something-year-old rapper/teacher/leader…he will inspire you too!

When I am in my boyfriends truck, he often puts on rappers that I do not know. He sings/raps along and it really amazes me because my brain doesn’t process that kind of music fast enough to “sing along”. Last week, I was trying to really listen to the lyrics and step away from the beat. He was playing a young artist who goes by the name Logic. He has mentioned Logic to me many times, but for some reason, this time I stopped and listened. I was blown away by the messages of love, peace, hope, acceptance, life purpose fulfillment, and knowledge of the way things work/are. From there I thought, “I need to know more about this guy.”

When I got home, I started doing some research into this artist. What is his story? Is he just selling a message or is he living the message he shares? What is “his story”? What is his “identity” and what beliefs has he attach to himself in this regard? There is no question that he can write and rap music … but who is the man behind the lyrics and beat?

Here is what I discovered after watching several hours of him on YouTube (interviews and his documentary):

Logic is a humble, smart man who to many is a guru, teacher, philosopher, and example that when we are in alignment with our life purpose, we are happy and full in this human experience. He has one track on his album “Everybody” called “Waiting Room” – see below. If his message is meant to resonate with you, it will as it did me! For a long time, I did not know there were too many others who thought this way (like me). I believe Logic has stepped back and can see life from a much broader perspective. I am reminded of a quote from Buddha, “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” Logic sees through the same clear window as Buddha and many other inspired spiritual leaders.

His life circumstances growing up were super challenging. He is a bi-racial man who was surrounded by addictions and violence growing up (just as he had planned prior to this life). He uses his human experiences to connect his message of struggle and love.  He is a great example of a man who is living open and values everything (L.O.V.E). His message fills a need in the music industry. His music transcends our form, background, and life circumstances. This one (Take it Back) is one of my favs because it not only has a great melody that gets stuck in my head, but his message is profound. #LoveLogic

Watch how he has impacted others here:

Shame is Not a Game to Pickup

So often, others will consciously or subconsciously try to shame us into feeling bad about ourselves, our choice(s), our appearance, or any other aspect of our life. The father of my children is REALLY good at dropping the “Shame Ball” at my feet. So often, I could not help but pick it up. I felt bad about myself in so many ways. He plays the victim pretty well – someone should give him an academy award. The other day, he started in on how I basically ruined his life – he didn’t want to get divorced. He was so self-centered (a full blown narcissist) that he could not even see how he had hurt me over the years. He did not notice the change in our relationship. He NEVER thought I would leave him…until I did. The thing about narcissist is that while they seem really confident and full of themselves, they are weak and so self conscious. They have a really difficult time being honest about life experiences and need to blame others, shame others, and be the victim to any and everyone who will listen.

Now he drops shame balls every chance he gets (ugh, “when will it ever end” I ask myself all the time?!?!). I used to carry these balls of shame around with me, feeling bad about what had happened, passing blame, accepting blame, not feeling good enough for anyone or anything in my life. Then I just decided one day, I was going to stop believing his story. I was done picking up the shame he was laying down. I am good enough. I am smart enough. I am pretty enough. I am worthy. I am strong. I am that I am.

When we can stop living in the past, accept that now is all we have, and let the shame game go, we can be whole and get back on our path towards our life purpose. We need to not shame others – lets pick our words carefully. We need to do our best to leave the shame bombs others are dropping – do not give them power because they are lies! Anytime someone brings you down, they are not living at a high frequency – they are so low in power that they need others to be there with them. Only when we decide to not get wrapped up in the shame game, then we are living open and valuing ourselves enough to be who it is we are meant to be.

Organic Snobs or Caring Moms

I watched a show today about GMO’s in our foods and how they are allegedly poisoning us. I always thought “organic” meant I was better than the next person and walked around with my noise in the air — that was my “belief” …omg, where did this come from?

It is bizarre to try and trace back a deep rooted belief to find its source. Was it influenced by our parents, our friends or siblings, or society; our schools, media, or communities? For me it really isn’t super important the experience surrounding the origin, just that I can pinpoint the actual time in my life. This way, I can think of all the human experiences, where I put a belief into motion and gave it energy. I could now discern that those times are a product of a belief I told myself was true for years – and not the real, true, whole, worthy spiritual and human being I am.

With the ability to live open and find value in everything, I watched a show about GMO’s in our foods and from now on, I will buy organic when it is available or better yet, I will seek it out. I will not be walking around the store with my organic basket of items with my nose in the air … for heavens sake, I have six kiddos, my hair lives in a ponytail and if I put Chapstick on I am wearing make-up. By being buying organic I am sending the message that it is important for Mom’s to do this for their families and break the stigma that is attached to buying organic.

My life, and that of my children’s, will forever be changed in small or large ways because of one human experience I chose to listen to with an open mind.

Following Your Blis

Today I visited with my Chiropractor. He is a very nice man with a gift of communication. He is well spoken, listens to the client and articulates back what he is hearing to make sure there is synchronisity in his treatment meeting my pain. He is well liked by his clients and takes the time to really get to know them. He seems like he loves his job and his life.

Looks can be deceiving. Now, it’s not that he is unhappy (I learned a lot today) – it’s that he wants to do something different in life and HAD no intention of ever doing it until I started diving into his life with 1,000 questions.

It began when I asked him about ObamaCare and if it hurt or helped his practice. He proceeded to inform me that in our state, Chiropractic was not covered under the state health plan. Therefore, it neither helped or hurt him professionally. He went on to say, it could have helped him (and thousands of others) had the plan covered at least a handful of Chiro visits a year, but I digress.

Dr. Mark continued to talk about how much time he spends on maintaining the business side of his practice. He is so bogged down with the day-to-day office side, that it has taken the joy out of the healing side, to some degree. I asked him if he could do it all again, knowing what he now knows about the challenges of processing insurance, managing an office, accounting, marketing, etc, would he choose this same profession over again. He said, “No. I would be a history teacher.”

Hold up, a chiropractor, who would rather be a teacher! That was so amazing and not what I thought he would have ever said. I asked him what was stopping him from going out and taking the steps now to one day sell his business and retire teaching! He proceeded to tell me all the reasons why it couldn’t work and I gave him all the reasons why it could and probably should.

When we are called to do something, and in that something, we find joy … then we are in our life’s purpose! This will in its very form bring us more joy, synchronisity, and flow to our life. When we are listening to our higher self, our own intuition, our HEART, then we are exactly where we are suppose to be.

We do not and cannot always make our careers our life purpose. Perhaps our life purpose is to learn and demonstrate kindness. There are several avenues in which we can meet this purpose. We could purse a job in the service industry or we could work any number of other jobs that are completely unrelated. Then, we might meet this purpose through our life’s everyday interactions, where we are given experiences to learn kindness and/or demonstrate kindness. Both of these scenarios fulfill our soul purpose, just through different means. One is no better or worse than the other.

Today, I was able to open up a Type A, doesn’t like change, pessimistic man and show him that it is possible to shift — to move from where we are towards what we really desire in our lives. I gave him tools and strategies that flowed through my mind like a ongoing running faucet. What he chooses to do with those ideas moving forward is up to him. I cannot do his work, but should he be willing to set fear aside for a few minutes and begin to google search his life, he will see he just got into the river with a sturdy craft and is making his way down stream.